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The Legacy Ministry

"Helping couples pursue God's Plan for a Biblical marriage."

Scotty and Katina, married for 31 years, have navigated the ebb and flow of married life, overcoming early challenges that brought them to the brink of divorce. Grounded in their faith, they reconstructed the foundation of their relationship, with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone.

Their journey has been marked by the joy of raising two incredible children, now adults. Katina's commitment to Children's and Family Ministry has led her to serve on staff at three different churches, where her passion for nurturing young hearts and families has made a lasting impact on her life. Meanwhile, Scotty initially pursued a career in the insurance industry and found a deeper calling as the Ministry Administrator for Ministries of Jesus, a faith-based medical clinic dedicated to addressing the holistic needs of any seeking assistance—spiritual, emotional, and physical.

Guided by prayer and conviction, Scotty and Katina, put their shared passion for strengthening marriages and families into action. In August 2013, they took a leap of faith and founded The Legacy Ministry, a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of couples and families by applying experience gained from their own enduring journey.

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The Legacy Ministry is a non-profit organization funded by generous contributors.

We seek to help couples pursue God's plan for a Biblical marriage by equipping them to live their lives sacrificially to God and to each other, so they can disciple their children, teaching them to love God and others, to grow in wisdom, stature  and in favor with God and others, and to serve Him faithfully, all for His glory.


The Legacy Ministry is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax deductible.  We are a ministry that is governed by a board of directors who are committed in their faith and walk with Our Lord, Jesus. 



501 CRISTO PASS, Edmond, OK  73025

  Tel: 405-541-0971

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